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Shoe size conversion chart and how to measure your shoes are at the end of this page.

Disclaimer, size advice and per product size help

Shoe size advice is given based on our first hand experience with customers but cannot be guaranteed to guide you to make exactly the right choice as each pair of feet are unique and shoe sizes differ across brands so widely - ever noticed how you might be a UK 5 in one shop and 6 in another? The beauty with most of our shoes is that they are not made with material all around the foot, so you are not going to get rubbed toes or heels because of shoes being too tight or too loose. We've done our very best to help you by giving advice per product on the relevant page so always read the size advice for the individual product you are buying.

We don't have many returns by industry standards so must be doing something right. Any advice given here or over the telephone or email is just a rough guide and if the size ordered turns out to be wrong we cannot be held liable - however you can always return the unworn shoes for a full prompt refund. Please refer to our refunds policy and with each order you will receive a useful returns slip with all the necessary information on.

Shoe sizes available in the shoes we sell

Onesole - Ladies UK size 3 to 7 in the most popular styles. Come marked with US sizes. Onesole UK sizing as on the boxes tends to be smaller than marked, so choose the UK size above yours e.g. if you normally wear a UK size 5 then choose UK 6 / US 8 from our drop down options. US sizes stated are fine. Because these tops are handmade in Florida, the sizing of the different tops does vary slightly but they stretch so not really an issue - see notes on product page for guidance. Onesole size variance within a marked size does not constitute an incorrect or faulty order.
Serendipity - Ladies UK size 4 to 7.
Galibelle - sizing issues being fixed.
SwitchFlops - Ladies UK size 4 to 8 in the most popular styles with some UK size 3 shoes in snap shoes range. Come marked with US sizes.
Flipsters - Our sizing runs a little small, so if you are in doubt we recommend you bump up a size. Please read any sizing notes giving on product pages.

What if the shoes don't fit me?

If the shoes do not fit you please do not worry as you have 14 days (UK customers and longer for overseas) from date of dispatch to return them for a refund which is always made promptly back to the card you paid with. You can order another size in the meantime.

Want wide fit sandals? Normally need EE fit or F fitting shoes?

Go for XL Onesole tops if you shop for extra wide ladies shoes like EE fit or F fitting (note that the sole is a standard width). Choose Onesole wide fit sandals tops as these are your very best option. If your foot is less than EE fitting wide then SwitchFlops may work for you too. If you have wide feet the Lindsay Phillips Jean snap shoes could be perfect for you.

General US to UK to EU and other international shoe size conversion chart:

This is only a general guide as the various brands are not consistent with each other - please always read any size advice given on the product page for the shoe or top you wish to buy.



  10  11 

UK shoe size

  3 4 5 6 7 8

European shoe size

  35.5 37 38 39.5 41 42

Russian / Ukrainian shoe size

  34 35 36 37 38 39

Japanese shoe size

  21.5      22.5      23.5      24.5      25.5      27

Diagonal shoe length edge to edge in centimetres, from big toe to centre of heel

  23 24 25 26 27 28

How to measure your shoe size

Need advice on shoe sizes?

We are only an email or telephone call away in (UK normal working hours and sometimes available 9am to 6pm every day of the week).